BioPet Vet Lab

BioPet Vet Lab has engaged Keith Creative Consulting to promote their BioPet Cares initiatives.  Together we work to Encourage cleaner, healthier communities through our PooPrints and Green Initiative Programs.  We will end mistreatment of animals in puppy mills with our Proof Of Parentage Program.



The Green Initiative

BioPet has partnered with Ijams Nature Center, a 275-acre wildlife conservatory in eastern Tennessee, to bring you the Green Initiative focused on environmental and animal health awareness.  Visitors to the Ijams Nature Center can purchase DNA Pledge Pack kits.  DNA collected from each dog can be used anonymously to advanced genetic disease research and veterinary medicine.  Proceeds from Pledge Pack kits are donated to the Ijams Nature Center to help fund environmental conservation programs.

Keith Creative will be promoting similar programs in your neighborhood.  If you see us be sure to take the Pledge

Watch founder David Keith and his dog Buddy take the Green Initiative Pledge on YouTube




Together we can stop puppy mills

Although public awareness has led to scattered legislation to regulate mass puppy breeding, the inhumane scourge of puppy mills is growing still. Required registering of a dog’s unique DNA profile as a method to verify origin just might be the solution.

We will be promoting DNA Registration through BioPet’s DNA Proof of Parentage service.  Please download and read about the solution to this problem.  With your help we will make a difference.

Shutting Down the Puppy Mills Through DNA Technology